Septic Field Design

Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association

The Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association (AOWMA) is the provincial not-for profit organization established to educate, train and certify industry professionals. The association engages its member installers, septage haulers, suppliers, municipalities and provincial government departments to arrive at sound practices that strengthen the industry, and ensure safe and effective septage management for all rural Alberta.

Common questions we are asked all the time:

  • How big should the leach field be?
  • How long should drain-field trenches be?
  • How many trenches do we need for a septic system?

But a long lasting and well balanced septic design goes far beyond just a few rough estimates septic drain-fields: field size, dimensions, depth, layout. Soil, slope, distances, temperatures, coverage, shade, occupancy, tank sizes, pumps, alarms, gravity, regulations, neighbours… are just a few of the things we have to consider for you.

“Septic tanks” are what home owners or home buyers think of when buying or maintaining a home with a private septic system. But we should be thinking about the whole septic system – since the drain field or leach field makes up half of a typical septic system cost.

Septic tank care and septic tank cleaning need to be done on a regular frequency (we provide a septic tank pumping schedule table) in order to avoid ruining the drain-field. Septic tank maintenance is not enough. Proper septic system design for the level of usage and soil conditions is critical if the system is going to have a long useful life.

We are also quite concerned with septic system health and safety since there are potential collapse hazards which can be fatal, and there are bacterial and pathogen hazards for both site occupants and for the environment if a septic system is not working properly.

There are many things to consider for your health and safety, let us take away the worry, and give you a fair and code compliant design that will be certified for your landscape specifications:

  • Trench Line Specs
  • Detailed Specifications
  • Leach Fields
  • Gravel-less Systems
  • Deep Trench Systems
  • Shallow Trench Systems
  • Cut and Fill Systems
  • Absorption Bed Systems

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Onsite Evaluation

  •  Soil Collection & Classification

  •  System Design

Installation of:

  •  Tanks & Infiltration Field

  •  Tank & Pressurized Field

  •  Open Discharge

  •  Advanced Treatment Systems

  •  AT Grades

  •  Mounds

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